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T4O organizes charity fundraisers and “awareness events” for highlighting the cause of children, youth and women in dire situation. Our fundraising activities are based on immediate need and direct connections, which ensure that the donations reach their target in the most transparent way.
Our belief is that through connecting people of good will and creating concrete opportunities of support, in addition to gaining the necessary knowledge or skills, real human connections are created that contribute greatly to making the World the place it should be.


April 26. 2024.

Inaugural Charity Fundraiser

The black-tie event on April 26. 2024. is to be held at the Czech Embassy in Washington DC, to raise funding and to provide support, education and essential resources to children’s education in war-torn Ukraine.

Co-organizer and supported by the Azar Foundation for Children of the World. Strategic Partner organizations are Science4People and Skola+.