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About Us

Founder’s Message

“This is absolutely heartbreaking. As an expert in strategy, international relations, and security policy for over twenty years, I have a very clear understanding of the reasons for, the calculations and miscalculations behind, the potential outcomes, and the strategic consequences of Russia’s war against Ukraine. I have given a series of speeches and briefings to decision-makers and thought leaders on these. But I want to give more concretely my support for the most vulnerable in Ukraine.”

As an expert in foreign policy, I strongly warn anyone against underestimating the importance of Ukraine’s ability to defend herself and win a strategic victory by maintaining the country’s sovereignty, for the rest of the Euro-Atlantic community. As a human being, I have an equally clear understanding of the human suffering and the devastation and horrors of war. As a mother of four, I cannot bear the sight of manslaughter, of civilians, women, and children being the prime targets of this most primitive warfare that we have seen practiced by Russia in Ukraine. My children reacted with incredible support and enthusiasm: together, we realized that all of us wanted to do our however small part to end this suffering. One of my daughters came up with the name “Together for Others” – and together, we started to work out all the details. It is really their heart and love that launched this initiative.”

Amb. (ret.) Dr. Réka Szemerkényi

Why Children in Ukraine?

Ongoing war, regular siren sounding, daily air raids, brutal destruction of homes, buildings, loved places, and entire cities, witnessing the suffering of so many, the constant fear for the loss of loved ones – this is what children in Ukraine have to live in, and for over two years now.

This suffering cannot be undone. The losses of homes and loved ones cannot be replaced. The psychological consequences of these pressures are going to be felt for a long time.

We cannot erase the suffering and the losses from their lives, however much we would like to. What we can do is to send them, through our support, the message of hope. Hope, that normalcy did not leave their country forever, that peace will come back to their lives and that they too will be able to develop their talent and go back to living the life that every child deserves.

This is the most important message that our support for children in Ukraine brings: the world stands with them and sends the support what they need.

We want peace and security to return to their lives. But we cannot wait until this happens, we want to reach out and give as much support to the children in Ukraine as possible.

There are many ways to achieve this. One crucial way is to contribute to bringing back the most basic environment to the children, their schools. Being able to continue their education, even if with frequent interruptions, is of fundamental importance. In addition, for the children in Ukraine the years of war came right after the two years of shutdown of the Covid pandemic. Between 2020-22, children in Ukrainehad to miss going to school for two years, just like children in the rest of the world. . Many analyses show how hard it is and how long it will take for childrento catch up for these two years.But 2022, unlike for the rest of the world, did not bring recovery and return to school for children and youth in Ukraine: it brought the one thing that can be worse than even a global pandemic: a brutal war of aggression. For children in Ukraine, Russia’s attack against their country also meant that they could not return to school and continue their education.Since then, another two years have passed.

Ukraine will need these children to be strong,  smart, knowledgeable and well prepared for the reconstruction of the country. This is why we invite all to open our hearts, give our contribution so that Together, we can really make a difference in the lives of many Others.