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Help the Most Vulnerable – Make the World a Home for All

Together for Others, we can do it

The world suffers from so many conflicts and wounds, there is a great and urgent need to response to these and the best way to start is with the most vulnerable ones, the causes of children, youth and women. For achieving this, we need the work, support and concrete action of people of good will. Join us, support this work, make a difference.

Raising Awareness

We emphasize the urgent global need for solidarity and action, aiming to create a world that is a home for all, starting with the most vulnerable.

Fundraising Events

The organization hosts charity fundraisers and special events to generate funds, directly benefiting educational and developmental programs for those in need.

Youth Development

Focused on the empowerment of young individuals through education and training, T4O support youth in developing skills and preparing them to be leaders.

Women’s Leadership

T4O develops programs and supports women to overcome hardship, gain skills and knowledge to become shapers of their environment and to take leadership responsibilities.

Who We Are

Together for Others – T4O – was brought to life by our desire to work for a World that is a home for all. It is founded on our belief that nothing is more important than people to care for one another, that the clear and strong need we can see in the world calls for concrete action, and that the best place to start is with those most vulnerable. We are led and joint by our dream of a World where people dare to care for each other and where the common good takes precedence over any distinction and heals all divisions. Together for Others is the charity work stream of the non-profit organization “Strategy and Leadership”, founded in 2023.

Our Mission

To support the cause of children, youth and women in need, especially in the fields of education, youth development and training, and to support the development of value-based leadership, ethical and inclusive leadership.

Our Activities

T4O organizes charity fundraisers and “awareness events” for highlighting the cause of children, youth and women in dire situation. To achieve this, we work together with people of goodwill on the field, and with partner organizations that have expertise, experience and on-the-ground knowledge. Our activities and work are based on the three pillars of transparency, efficiency, and compassion.

SPARKSOur Stories


It happened at the Czech Embassy Christmas Bazaar sale and get the word out for our planned action. A sweet little girl around the age of 5 walks towards the T4O table loaded with colorful jewels, shining Christmas decoration, kids toys, cute plush animals, and, yes, some sweets as well. 
With her mom behind, encouraging her softly: “Go ahead, you want to do it, go…” She comes close, and opens the zip on her little purse.
“Thank you for stopping by, what would you like to buy?” we ask.
“No, I don’t want to buy. I want to donate. For children in Ukraine.” She replies, pulls out a one dollar bill and gives her donation.
The invaluable one dollar.
The strongest foundation for completing our mission.   
Thank you, wonderful young lady!


This is a story from one of our partner organizations, Skola+, working in Ukraine to support students and teachers so they can continue giving education despite the war going on.    

Marhanets – a city in County Dnipropetrovsk, close to the front line.  Many families had to flee the war. The city is under constant shelling, there are daily air raids, children can often not leave their homes for weeks in a row, maybe except for the few minutes of taking their beloved little animals outside every day. 

These kids realized how many friends of theirs and people could not take their animals with them fleeing their city.

So several of them started to create little keyholders, paint paintings, create bracelets to sell them, so for the money they make on them, they can buy food for the pets of their classmates and friends. 

These craft items will be available for sale at our Charity Gala auction.


As one of Washington D.C.’s first Christmas event,  the Embassy of the Czech Republic invited T4O to join their traditional Christmas bazaar.  We received gracious donations for the sale: special artist-designed jewelry, Christmas decorations, and creative gifts for children.

Members of our Youth Committee served at the table together with members of the Host Committee. It was a great opportunity to raise awareness and support for the cause of children in Ukraine.

A special thank you to Ambassador Stasek & DCM Jan Havranek for their support!

Please support our mission and work!

Your financial support is crucial in making the World a home for all. Every dollar makes a difference towards providing immediate relief and long-term support to those in need. Donate and make a difference today.